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Multiply courses

Free courses

Our free numeracy courses are for individuals:

  • resident in West Northamptonshire, aged 19 and over
  • that have not achieved a maths GCSE of at least a Grade C or equivalent
  • who may want to develop numeracy skills for work
  • that want to brush up and develop their numeracy skills for everyday life


eVolve your Future Ltd

  • You, Your Life and Money: You will learn: Where you can save money, how to spend less money and prioritise what you spend your money on
  • Manage Your Money: This 1:1 support can be stand alone or a follow on from You, Your Life and Money. It is tailored to the individual need will be covering budgeting skills to include income into the household and expenditure, exploring utility bills and deals out there, food shopping, sharing ideas with other participants
  • Fun with Numbers: Where skills gaps are through an informal self-assessment on numbers in a fun and informal way, discuss anxieties of learning Maths and build confidence with numbers and discuss the next steps
  • Employee Assessments: - Employed individuals who want to assess their numeracy skills and explore options to improve those skills to progress in work or a career change
  • Story Sacks: How to design a programme for the children where they focus on a reading book that and allows visual artifacts to be explored and created around numbers
  • Keeping Up with Children: Learn current teaching practices used in schools to, gain confidence in your won numeracy skills to be able to support your children with Maths homework.

Contact: Email [email protected] or phone 01933 358250.


  • Numeracy for Employment: Improved numeracy skills could benefit your organisation with; Increased productivity, Team problems solving skills; Job progression support, Employee job satisfaction, Staff retention
  • Job Clubs: Focussing on improving confidence with numeracy in everyday life and for employment
  • Numeracy for English as a second Language: Focussing on improving confidence with numeracy in everyday life and for employment

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Contact: Email [email protected] or phone 0800 612 7479.

Northants Adult Learning

  • Household Budgeting: Our budgeting and planning course covers a range of topics including savings, better-off calculations, basic budgeting, interest rates, deals and shopping, home improvements, cooking and baking. This course will help you develop the essential maths skills needed to manage your finances and improve your overall budgeting and planning skills
  • Crafting for Maths: Our craft courses will help you improve your maths skills whilst learning measurements, and dimensions along with helping to budget your money
  • Family Maths: Our family maths courses are designed to support parents of primary-aged children to develop the numerical and mathematical skills to be able to support their children with home- and schoolwork, and to be more confident in their own use of maths in applied situations
  • Cooking on a Budget: Learn how to make delicious and healthy food whilst using measuring and weighing skills to help improve your maths.

Contact: [email protected] or phone 01604 36711.

Last updated 13 February 2024