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Apply for Housing Benefit

If you are a working age person you can claim Housing Benefit from the council only if you are living in Specified or Temporary Accommodation (you would still claim Universal Credit but you get Housing Benefit from the council instead of Universal Credit housing cost).

If you are a mixed-age couple (one working age and one pensioner), you will need to claim Universal Credit.

If you're a single pensioner, or two pensioners in a couple, you are not impacted by Universal Credit at this stage and can claim Housing Benefit via the council.

There are also other rules that impact whether or not you can claim Housing Benefit.

You can potentially claim Housing Benefit via the Council if you are:

  •  a council tenant
  • paying rent to a private landlord
  • Housing Association tenant
  • living in a hostel
  • paying for board and lodgings
  • unemployed or unable to work
  • working and earning a low wage

Who cannot claim Housing Benefit via the Council?

  • people with savings over £16,000 (except those in receipt of Guaranteed Credit)
  • people living with or paying board to a close relative
  • people who are from outside the UK who do not have recourse to public funds
  • there are special rules for students and people living in residential/nursing homes
  • people claiming Universal Credit cannot claim for Housing Benefit but may be entitled to Council Tax Support
  • people who are impacted by a benefits cap may find they can't claim or find the amount they can claim is reduced
  • if you own your own home we are unable to assist with your mortgage payments. You will have to contact the Department for Work and Pensions if you require this help

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Last updated 17 January 2023