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Shared Lives carers

Apply to become a Shared Lives carer

What is the Shared Lives scheme?

Shared lives is a way to support adults from the age 18, who are unable to live independently. This could be for a variety of reasons, including learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health conditions, dementia, and sensory impairment.

The scheme places the person with a Shared Lives carer, who offers accommodation, care and support in their home. This can be full-time, or just for short breaks, respite, or day activities.

Shared Lives providers train, support and pay carers to provide support in this way.

Applying to become a Shared Lives carer

If you're over 18 and would like to make an amazing difference to someone’s life by offering them a place in your home, you could apply to become a shared lives carer. 

All kinds of people can be Shared Lives carers, you could be:

  • a couple or single
  • with or without children
  • a homeowner or tenant

An approved carer can support up to 3 adults at a time. Our shared lives carers are just ordinary people, doing extraordinary things!

Step 1 - Register your interest

To register your interest in becoming a Shared Lives carer, please contact us and leave your name, address and telephone number:

Step 2 - Initial conversation

We’ll contact you for an informal chat, to talk through the scheme in a bit more detail and to check you meet the basic requirements of our shared lives scheme.

You need to live in West Northants and you have a spare bedroom. You can ask any questions you might have at this stage, before formally applying.

When you’re ready to go ahead, we’ll then email or post you an application form for you to complete, with the details of where to return the completed form.

Please return your completed form to:

Shared Lives Scheme
Eleanor Lodge
25 Camborne Close

Step 3 - Home review

When we receive your completed application, we’ll contact you to carry out a home review. This is part of the assessment process to make sure you are suitable for the shared lives carer role.

The home review will include:

You and your lifestyle

We’ll have a chat about:

  • what it’s like to be a shared lives carer (we might also invite you to meet other shared lives carers)
  • your experiences, relationships, and care-giving skills
  • your family, lifestyle, and anything you do in the community

Home standards

We’ll also check your home to make sure that:

  • there’s enough space for another person
  • you have a spare room
  • the property is suitable and of a safe standard

This is to make sure that we continue to meet the quality of standards required by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Our Shared Lives service is regularly checked by the Care Quality Commission.

Your training

We’ll discuss your training and any skills or experience you already have.

From here, some further checks will take place, including taking references and getting a DBS check.

After this, your assessment will be shared with you before being sent to the Shared Lives panel, and the Registered Manager, who will decide the outcome of your application.

You will be informed of the result. All being well, you will then start preparing to become a Shared Lives carer!

Last updated 08 July 2024