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STAR Fund (Supporting Those At Risk)

Round 2 opens for applications from eligible organisations on 24 January 2022. The closing date is Midnight on 7 February 2022. A grants panel will meet in February to make a decision on grant awards.

The purpose of this funding is to address the long-term impact of Covid-19 through supporting organisations that provider local services to the most vulnerable residents in West Northamptonshire.

The funding is for:

  • projects that provide targeted support in areas of greatest need and deprivation, to individuals that are most vulnerable within our communities, including rural areas
  • projects that directly help vulnerable people affected by low incomes, especially related to Covid, such as by providing access to ongoing food and other essentials, for example, toiletries and so on
  • support projects advising and providing information to people to help them access longer term support, to reduce dependency and to guide people towards longer term solutions like access to benefits advice
  • projects that evidence greater co-working and collaboration between partners, avoiding duplication and maximising our resources
  • supporting costs (for example capital and staffing) to organisations delivering projects and services to our most vulnerable residents

Funding will include prioritisation for those projects which address these priorities:

  • targeted interventions for specific sections of the local community and workplaces
  • harnessing capacity within local sectors (for example, voluntary, academic, commercial)
  • extension/introduction of specialist support
  • community-based support for those disproportionately impacted such as the BAME population

Priority will be given to eligible projects that help and support vulnerable people living in West Northamptonshire that can demonstrate the following:

  • a clear identification and evidence of priority need
  • ongoing sustainability (what happens when the funding runs out)
  • organisations that are working together – partnership applications

For an application form contact our administration partner Hope by emailing [email protected].

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Last updated 14 January 2022