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Making it happen

This strategy sets out a bold vision, but we have to make it happen.

We believe there are five ingredients that will turn our strategy into reality:

  1. Communities in control
    Everyone with a stake in West Northamptonshire has a part to play in our success, including civic leaders, business, the voluntary sector, community and social enterprises, parish and town councils and – most importantly of all – local people themselves
  2. People are at the heart of everything we do
    All our activity must put people and families at the centre. Our work must be designed and delivered in partnership with our diverse communities and integrated across organisations
  3. An integrated approach to “place-shaping”
    We will take an integrated approach to investing in all places in West Northamptonshire, so that they are attractive environments in which to live, work, visit and invest
  4. Leadership and accountability
    Each elected Council portfolio holder and each Executive Director has a specific area of responsibility aligned to our strategy, and working with public, private and community, voluntary and social enterprise partners, they will develop a work programme to support the delivery of this strategy
  5. Taking control of our future
    By setting out our vision, following these key principles for how we will achieve it, and setting a clear, robust and publicly transparent implementation plan, we can realise our ultimate goal of making West Northamptonshire a great place to grow up, get on and grow old.

Our drive to thrive

Values and behaviours

Everything we want to achieve for West Northamptonshire depends on having the right people in place and doing the right things.

We need to retain, recruit and develop talented and committed staff to provide the best services for our local residents and businesses.

By making the most of people’s skills and experience, we can take full advantage of the opportunities created by the new council.

Everyone needs to be performing at their best to make the most of the opportunity we have with our new Council.

To support this, we have developed a set of values in consultation with our staff, members and stakeholders. These values underpin how we work and what partners and customers can expect from us. 

We want to do our very best for our residents, service users and businesses and for our staff – we want everyone to THRIVE.

Similarly, where services are provided through partners or external organisations, we will work with them to make sure these values are carried through in delivering.

Our organisational culture will continue to develop as we carry on improving our services and ways of working.


Our core values

  • Trust
    We are honest, fair, transparent and accountable. We can be trusted to do what we say we will
  • High Performance
    We get the basics right and what we do, we do well. We manage our business efficiently
  • Respect
    We respect each other and our customers in a diverse, professional and supportive environment
  • Innovate
    We encourage curiosity, we are creative and seize opportunities to grow individually as an organisation and as an area
  • Value
    We continually strive for best practice and ways of improving existing procedures, practices and systems and thereby promoting efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Empower
    We believe in people, will listen, learn and trust them to make decisions. We help people to realise their ambitions

Last updated 12 February 2024