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Understanding your council tax bill

The amount of council tax you pay in 2021/22 will depend on:

Your council tax helps to fund local services, such as social care for vulnerable people; and support for children, young adults and elderly people. It also pays for waste and recycling, schools, libraries, leisure centres, street cleaning and much more.

The amount you have to pay depends on which of the eight council tax bands your home is in from A through to H.

A government body called the Valuation Office Agency decides which band your property is in. Most of the money we will collect will be spent on local council services.

However, we collect some of it for other organisations to pay for services that will benefit the whole of North Northamptonshire such as Police and Fire Services. We also collect money on behalf of town and parish councils where this applies. This will be shown on your bill.

Example breakdown for council tax band D:

  • West Northamptonshire Council: £1,402.89
  • Adult Social Care Precept: £159.19
  • West Northamptonshire Council: Special Expenses: £4.31
  • Parish Average: £77.38
  • Police: £268.04
  • Fire: £63.20
  • Total: £1,975.01

Please note, band D is the amount for the average council tax payer. Town and Parish Councils may levy a separate amount called a precept that may form part of your council tax bill.

How our spending and expenditure breaks down in 2021/22.


  • Adults, Communities and Wellbeing: £113.741m (34.9%)
  • Children’s Services (incl. Trust): £73.597m (22.5%)
  • Place and Economy: £74.281m (22.8%)
  • Finance: £8.835m (2.7%)
  • Corporate Services: £25.915m (7.9%)
  • Technical/Centrally Held: £30.201m (9.2%)
  • Total Net Budget: £326.570m


  • Council Tax: £208.459m (63.9%)
  • Business Rates: £66.365m (20.3%)
  • Grants and other external funding: £41.626m (12.7%)
  • Use of Reserves: £10.120m (3.1%)
  • Total Resources: £326.570m
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Last updated 19 October 2021