Standing for election

If you are passionate about your local community, we need you. Councillors make a huge difference to the quality of life of local people and how local issues are dealt with.

We need people from all backgrounds and experiences who reflect the communities they serve to put themselves forward for election.

Candidates and agents briefing

If you would like to stand as a candidate or act as an agent in the upcoming elections for West Northamptonshire Council and town and parish councils, we would encourage you to watch our candidates and agents briefing on YouTube.

The briefing provides an overview of the nominations process, key electoral information, dates and deadlines as well as setting out important details about the COVID measures being planned for candidates and agents.

Nomination forms

To stand in the elections on 6 May you will need to complete and submit a nomination form.

Download a nomination form from the Electoral Commission website.

Alternatively you can contact your local elections office for a form.

Having your nomination form checked

You can submit a copy of your completed nomination form for checking from Thursday 18 March.

Please do this by taking a clear photograph or scan of your forms and emailing them to your local elections office.

Your submission must be easily readable and include the nomination form and the consent to nomination form, plus any others needed – for instance, if you are a member of a political party.

If you are unable to send your forms electronically, your local elections office will make arrangements for you to bring them in, but this would be the last resort.

Submitting your nomination form

Once your nomination has been informally checked and we have notified you it is valid, you can make an appointment to formally submit it by emailing your local elections office.

The law around this has not changed and forms must be hand delivered - either by the candidate, agent or another trusted person.

  • Appointments can be made for between 10am and 4pm on any working day from Friday 26 March to Thursday 8 April
  • The final deadline for submitting a nomination form is 4pm on Thursday 8 April

Instructions for your appointment will be sent to you once the appointment is confirmed.

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