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Community Minibus Scheme, Gayton and Tiffield


c/o Manor Farm, High Street North, Tiffield, Northamptonshire
NN12 8AD
United Kingdom

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The Gayton and Tiffield Community Minibus is run by a team of dedicated volunteers to help with the transport needs of the rural community.

The minibus runs to Towcester and Northampton all times except Tuesday and Fridaymornings.

It is available for private hire at all times outside the scheduled bus timetable and it will seat 16 passengers plus the driver. Rates are 75p/mile with a minimum charge of £15. 

The minibus is for the communities of Gayton and Tiffield. If you live in either village, the bus is for you. All are included. Clearly there are those among us that depend on the bus and there are some who use it when it is the most convenient way to travel to town.

Gayton and Tiffield Community Transport is a registered charity (no. 1118336).


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  • Towcester Area
  • West Northamptonshire
  • Northamptonshire
Age range
Suitable for ages from 0 to 99 years
Referral route
No Referral Needed
For people with
Special Educational Needs or a Disability (SEND)
Eligibility criteria
Provider category
Universal Services - Suitable for Everyone

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Last updated 15 February 2024