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SENDIASS Factsheet: Elective Home Education

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 Elective Home Education

Elective Home Education, Home Education or Home Schooling is where parents choose to educate their child themselves, rather than in a school environment.

The SEN and Disability Code of Practice para 10.35 states: “Local Authorities should not assume that because the provision being made by parents is different from that which was being made [….] in school that the provision is necessarily unsuitable.  Local Authorities should also consider using their power to help parents make suitable provision.”

There is no requirement for parents to follow the National Curriculum, or to have specific premises or equipment, but you must inform the Local Authority how you plan to educate your child, as it must satisfy itself that you are fulfilling your educational duties.

If you wish to educate your child at home, and your child is currently at school, you should contact the Headteacher in writing, and they will inform the Local Authority. 

If your child is not on a school roll, has never attended school or you have just moved into the local area,  you need to contact the Local Authority. 

All children can be educated at home regardless of any Special Educational Needs or Disability.  However, caution should be exercised before choosing this route if a child has an Education Health and Care Plan, as by choosing to home educate (rather than electing for the “Education Otherwise” option) the Local Authority no longer has a legal duty to provide any special educational provision which is specified in the EHC Plan.  

For more details, please refer to the Department of Education document “Elective Home Education, Departmental Guidance for Parents” and the advice from IPSEA Home education and ‘education otherwise’ | (IPSEA) Independent Provider of Special Education Advice

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Last updated 29 February 2024