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Personal Budgets and EHC Plans (Children's Services)

A personal budget is is an amount of money (identified by the local authority) that pays for the provision specified in a child/young person’s Education Health and Care (EHC) Plan. They can give young people (and their parents) greater choice and control over the services they require.

The EHC Plan will offer a personal budget for aspects of the provision outlined in it, if the parents or young person request it and are deemed eligible. Any requests for a personal budget must be discussed with the SEN Officer when an EHC Plan is being drafted or reviewed/ re-assessed.

Personal Budgets are optional, and will require the agreement of the local authority and education provider.

Please contact IASS for advice and support with personal budgets.

Personal Budgets and Support Plans (Adult Social Care)

If a person is deemed eligible for care and support by adult social services, the local authority will tell them how much money they could get to pay for the support they need.

Personal Health Budgets (NHS)

A personal health budget is an amount of money to support health and wellbeing needs, which is planned and agreed between a person (or someone who represents them), and their local NHS team.

West Northamptonshire
Additional languages
Translation and/or Interpreting Available on Request
Age range
Suitable for ages from 0 to 25 years
Referral Route
  • Education or School Referral
  • Self Referral
Type of Service
Local Government Department
Eligibility Criteria
  • Age Range - School
  • Age Range - Early Years
  • Special Educational Needs or a Disability (SEND)
Provider Category
Specialist Services - For those who require longer-term support
Special Needs
Special Educational Needs or a Disability (SEND)

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Last updated 22 September 2023