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Child Law Advice is a website operated by Coram Children’s Legal Centre. It provides extensive advice and information on child, family, and education law to parents, carers, and young people in England.

The service covers legal issues that may arise following relationship breakdown as well as Local Authority intervention and child protection issues. Their education advice ranges from admissions issues to exclusions, as well as what to do if your child is being bullied to how to get help for your child if you suspect they have a special educational need.


There are also two intensive support telephone line for complex matters:

  • Family or Child Law Helpline: 0300 330 5480
  • Education Law Helpline: 0300 330 5485

The demand for both lines is very high, and the funding is limited. Child Law Advice can only answer a limited number of calls. They ask you to carefully read through all the relevant available information provided on their website and only contact their intensive support telephone lines with genuine, clarifying questions on the information provided.

The helplines are open Monday – Friday, 10 am to 5.30 pm.

Bookable Callback Service

Child Law Advice offers a call-back service at a time that suits you (subject to availability) between the hours of 8.30am-5.30pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays and the Christmas period). This is for an advice call of up to 30 minutes at a cost of £30 with a legal advisor.


Webchat is available 8am-5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Email Advice

Child Law Advice's email advice service is to provide clarifying questions or for initial legal advice.

Please note: the Child Law Advice Service can only advise residents of England, and cannot advise you if you already have a solicitor acting for you.

Law Stuff

Young people who require advice and information can visit LawStuff, a website dedicated to providing free legal advice and assistance for young people.

Child Law Advice is a registered charity (no. 281222).

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c/o Coram Children’s Legal Centre, Riverside Office Centre, Century House North, North Station Road
United Kingdom


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Last updated 27 March 2024