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Family Links delivers innovative, high-quality training courses to health and social care services, third sector organisations, schools, and universities. They aim to empower children, parents, families, schools, and workplaces to prioritise positive emotional health. They also aim to reach parents and their families whether they are at home, at school, or at work. The Nurturing Programme for SEND has been delivered successfully in numerous special schools across the UK. It is recommended that the handbook is used by Parent Group Leaders who have experience of working with children with disabilities and when all parents in the group have a child with a disability. The adapted programme was originally piloted with parents of children attending the special schools in Ealing. The children had a wide variety of needs which included autistic spectrum disorders, physical and learning disabilities. Some of their disabilities were mild to moderate whilst others were profound. Trained Parent Group Leaders may buy a copy of the Handbook from Family Link. Family Links is a registered charity (no. 1062514).
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Suitable for ages from 0 to 99 years
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Last updated 22 March 2024