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Local Offer: A Quick Guide to Getting a Hearing Test for Your Child - WNC

Local Offer: A Quick Guide to Getting a Hearing Test for Your Child - WNC logo


If you suspect your child has hearing problems, it is quite simple to get a hearing test for them. Usually, children have regular hearing tests as part of their routine development monitoring with your health visitor. If for any reason your baby's hearing is not tested soon after they are born, ask your midwife, health visitor, or GP to arrange an appointment for you. For babies, the checklist in your baby's personal child health record (red book) can help you check your child's hearing. 

Your child will be offered routine hearing tests as they grow up, but it's still vital for you to look out for signs of any problems and seek advice if you have any concerns. Most children will have another routine hearing test when they start school (at around four or five-years-old), which is often referred to as the “sweep test”. You can visit your GP if you have any concerns about your child's hearing at any stage of their development. 

If your child is at school, and the school is also concerned about your child’s hearing, they can contact School Nursing on your behalf. A nurse will attend the school to offer a routine test for your child. 

You can find detailed information on the NHS website, Hearing Tests for Children

Hearing Specialists Explained:

  • Audiologists specialise in assessing hearing.
  • Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) Consultants / Otorhinolaryngologists specialise in diagnosing and treating conditions that affect the head and neck, including the ears, sinuses and throat. 
  • Otologists specialise in ear problems such as ear infections, hearing loss, and tinnitus. 


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Last updated 07 June 2024