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Mharmony Music Therapy Services

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MHarmony Music Therapy Services is run by Joanna Kusnierek, a HCPC-registered music therapist. She provides professional music therapy services that are delivered with dignity and understanding to enhance the quality-of-life of their clients. Joanna’s mission is to support individuals to achieve their goals, whatever they may be - social, emotional, cognitive, or behavioural. MHarmony Music Therapy Services offers one-to-one sessions in the homes of her clients, care homes, and supported living environments. Group sessions can be held in hospices, nursing / rehabilitative facilities, outpatient clinics, care homes, supported living environments, day provisions, and community mental health centres. A typical music therapy session lasts 30-50 minutes and usually takes place once a week. A minimum of 10 sessions is suggested to gain maximum benefit. Each session is designed to complement the individual client’s treatment plan.
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Additional languages
  • Makaton
  • Polish
Age range
Suitable for ages from 0 to 12 years
Referral Route
No Referral Needed
Type of Service
Groups, Clubs, and Activities
Eligibility Criteria
Open to Everyone
Provider Category
  • Targeted Services - Additional Support Needs
  • Universal Services - Suitable for Everyone
Special Needs
Suitable for Everyone

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Last updated 02 May 2023