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Complex Needs - a Local Offer guide

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Integrated Care Northamptonshire 

Children and Young People Transformation Programme

Children and Young People with Complex Needs

Young people, parents/carers and a multi-agency group of professionals have collaborated to agree a shared understanding of complex needs and have agreed the following statements to help to explain what is meant by complex needs:

Children and young people whose special educational needs, disabilities or adverse experiences have a significant and ongoing impact on their life.  They are likely to need specialist support from education, health and/or social care at times or throughout their childhood and adolescence. This may be because of illness, disability, neurodiversity, broader life circumstances or a combination of these.

Complex needs may be present from birth or may develop and fluctuate over the course of a child or young person's life. Early planning will be required to support transition from children to adult services.

Complex needs also includes families with identified or escalating welfare and/or safeguarding needs due to health and social care factors. The complexity of needs of the children and young people will require a system-wide approach to meeting health, social care and educational needs.

In service delivery terms, it is likely that one or more of the following will apply to these children and young people:

  • known to NHS Specialist Teams
  • known to Disabled Children Team
  • open to Children’s Trust services and have an Early Help Assessment, Child in Need Plan, Child Protection Plan or an Adolescent Risk Management Plan
  • considered by themselves or services to be at risk of criminal and/or sexual exploitation, be the victim or perpetrator of offending behaviours
  • at an SEN level of support or have an Education Health and Care Plan
  • are Looked After 
  • known to the Youth Offending Service
  • on the Dynamic Support Register (for learning disabled or autistic people at risk of hospital admission)
  • Brackley Area
  • Corby Area
  • Daventry Area
  • East Northants Area
  • Kettering Area
  • Northampton Area
  • Towcester Area
  • Wellingborough Area
  • North Northamptonshire
  • West Northamptonshire
  • Northamptonshire
Age range
Suitable for ages from 0 to 25 years
For people with
Learning Disabilities
Provider category
Specialist Services - For those who require longer-term support

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Last updated 23 February 2024