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Dimensions (UK) Ltd

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Building 1430, Arlington Business Park, Theale, Berkshire
United Kingdom

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Dimensions supports autistic people and people with learning disabilities to have a louder voice, choice, and control in their lives. Their team delivers ambitious, effective, personalised support (often with those whose previous support has not been successful).

Working alongside the Dimensions team are family members and many of the people they support. They could be quality-checkers, interviewers, or members of the Dimensions Council. Their voices and experiences inform the research Dimensions use to deliver improved outcomes. Together, they continue to prove that life really can get better.

Through their person-centred approach, Dimensions support:

  • People with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD)
  • People with complex autism
  • People needing full-time support, and those needing a little less
  • People with complex health needs
  • People whose behaviour may challenge those around them
  • People in assessment and treatment units
  • Young adults leaving school and college
  • People with forensic support needs
  • People looking for a place to live
  • People and families needing a break
  • People seeking employment

Dimensions is part of the local authorities’ Learning Disability Framework (Commissioning for a Good Life). For more information contact Brokerage Services (via your social worker) or visit Adult Social Services: Commissioning for a Good Life, Learning Disability Framework (WNC).

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National Organisation
Age range
Suitable for ages from 18 years to 100 years
Referral Route
  • Professional Referral
  • Self Referral
Type of Service
Adulthood Services
Eligibility Criteria
  • Age Range - Adulthood
  • Special Educational Needs or a Disability (SEND)
Provider Category
Specialist Services - For those who require longer-term support
Special Needs
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Learning Disabilities

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Last updated 26 June 2023