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Comments, compliments and complaints (Easy Read)


Comments, compliments and complaints (Easy Read)

A complaints policy document with two people talking to each other on the front

This policy tells you how to compliment, comment on or complain about a service we have provided.

Your feedback helps us make services better.

Types of feedback

Six people are talking to each other. There are three speech bubbles above their heads

A service request is feedback for a service.

It could be about adding or improving a service.

It could also be about fixing a problem you have had.

A service request is not a complaint.

The service will handle a service request.

A man talks to a woman, who is writing on a clipboard

A comment is a quick suggestion.

You can tell us how we are doing.

Two men have a conversation using Sign Language

A compliment tells us what we are doing right.

Compliments teach us how to improve.

What is a complaint?

A man and a woman have a conversation. The woman is pointing at the man

You may be unhappy with the service you have received.

This is called a complaint.

Some examples of complaints are:

  • how you have been treated
  • how much a service costs
  • the quality of the service

How to share your feedback

A man sits at a table with a woman and helps her to write

Write to us at Compliments, Comments & Complaints Team, One Angel Square, Angel Street, Northampton, NN1 1ED

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Ask your local Councillor or MP to raise it for you.  

Find out who your Councillor is

Last updated 10 June 2024