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Election notices and future elections

Notice of elections

For results of previous elections please see election results.

Future elections in the West Northamptonshire Council area

There are no scheduled elections taking place in the West Northamptonshire Area in 2023.

There is currently a national awareness campaign highlighting upcoming Local Government Elections that are taking place in May in other local authority areas. The campaign also focuses on the new requirements for photographic Voter Identification.

You can read the latest information about changes in how we vote by visiting our Elections Act webpage.

Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Election

The next scheduled PFCC election is expected to be held in May 2024. 

West Northamptonshire Council and Town and Parish Council Election 

Elections to West Northamptonshire Council are held every 4 years.

The previous election to was undertaken in May 2021.

The next scheduled elections is expected to be held in May 2025 alongside Parish and Town councils’ elections on the same date.

UK Parliamentary General Elections 

The date of the next UK General Election has not yet been announced.

The Dissolution and Calling of Parliament Act 2022 reinstates the prior constitutional arrangement whereby, the dissolution and calling of a new UK Parliament is a prerogative power of the monarch.

By convention, this is on the advice of the Prime Minister of the day. The maximum term of a Parliament is 5 years. Therefore, the next UK Parliamentary General Election must be held before January 2025.


Should a by-election occur, the relevant public notices will be updated and displayed on public notice boards and on this webpage.

Last updated 03 February 2023