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Employment opportunities at elections


Other employment opportunities - Various Council Office venues and locations

Postal Vote Opener

The Postal Vote Team assist in the opening and processing of returned postal voting ballot packs. Postal Vote opening sessions will commence in the 2 weeks prior to the election and will continue up to the evening of the election. As part of a team, you will be offered work over a number of sessions that will be arranged in advance.


Every year we must contact every residential property in the West Northamptonshire Council area. We provide each property with an extract of their properties entry in the current Register of Electors. Residents have the opportunity to make corrections, amendments or updates that they may have forgotten to do. For example, a change of name, change of occupant etc. The overall aim of the canvass is to ensure that the revised Register of Electors, published each December, is as accurate and complete as possible.

When we fail to receive a response from a property, we will arrange for a canvasser to visit the property to make contact and where possible collect the outstanding information. You are not expected to register individuals, but you will be able to sign post electors who are not yet registered to the channels where they can get registered. Canvassing usually occurs between September to November, dependent on the timetable that is in place for that year.

Last updated 14 September 2022