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General election - 4 July 2024


About the general election

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has called a general election on 4 July.

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A general election is how the British public decide who they want to represent them in Parliament.

If you are eligible and have registered to vote, you can vote for one candidate to represent your local area in the House of Commons. This area is known as a constituency.

The person with the most votes in a constituency is elected as its MP.

The leader of the political party with the most MPs after the election is expected to be asked by the King to become prime minister and form a government to run the country.

Once elected, MPs work both in your area - their constituency - dealing with local matters. They also work in Parliament, where they vote and help shape law, alongside 649 other MPs.

Parliamentary Constituencies

West Northamptonshire Council has 4 constituencies - they are:

  • Daventry
  • Northampton North
  • Northampton South
  • South Northamptonshire

The election on 4 July will be using the new parliamentary boundaries following the Parliamentary Constituency Order 2023.

More information on these boundaries can be found by visiting Boundary Commission for England.

Election notices

Voter ID

The UK Government has introduced a requirement for voters to produce accepted photographic identification when voting in person at a polling station. This new requirement will apply to this election.

If you are intending to vote in person, ensure you have one of the acceptable forms of photo ID before visiting your polling station.

Residents without an acceptable form of ID have until 5pm on Wednesday 26 June to apply for their Voter ID.

Resources for candidates

Candidates can see key dates and download forms and documents from our page containing resources for candidates.

Last updated 11 June 2024