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Protecting your business

All businesses and organisations are open to a wide range of risk and threats. Planning and preparation can help safeguard people, property and information if any type of disruption were to happen.

Business continuity management

Business continuity is all about planning for any disruption that could affect your business, this could be fires, floods, power outages, staff shortages, supplier shortages and so on.

A business continuity plan helps your business continue to deliver or resume delivery of its operations in the event of a disruption. This could be due to loss of staff, buildings, IT or suppliers.

A business continuity plan is important as it can:

  • protect your business and can help it recover quicker
  • protect your business reputation
  • increase the knowledge of your staff
  • build your teams
  • solve possible problems in advance
  • find other suppliers quickly if you need to
  • help your business to stay competitive

As an overview, business continuity plans should generally contain the following details:

  • plan purpose and scope
  • document management information such as a document owner, version control or distribution list
  • roles and responsibilities
  • how will the plan be activated – when, by whom and how?
  • key contact details – internal and external
  • critical functions / activities to be recovered, timescales and recovery levels needed
  • resources available to deliver critical activities during the first 24hrs and up to 2 weeks from the event, and processes for mobilising resources
  • actions to be carried out, in what timescale and who will do these
  • clear communication processes – who reports to whom or cascades information
  • process for returning to normal business as usual.

Business continuity should be considered by all organisations regardless of size, location or type of business.

Our wide range of partnerships mean we have links with other organisations or agencies that can provide you with support to help further develop your business’s resilience.

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Last updated 22 May 2023