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Landlord Incentive Scheme

One of the difficulties for many people trying to obtain accommodation is finding a home which is affordable.

For many families on low incomes or receiving Universal Credit, including those who are working, there is shortfall between the rents asked by landlords and the financial support they receive. 

The Landlord Incentive Scheme helps prevent people becoming homeless by providing incentives to landlords to offer a 12-month fixed-term tenancy at an affordable rent.

In addition to the incentive, we will also pay:

  • the deposit, to be held in an approved Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme
  • the first month’s rent in advance

Benefits for landlords

The benefits are:

  • an attractive, one-off financial incentive based on the size of the property (please see table below)
  • the deposit and the first month’s rent in advance
  • support from our Social Lettings Agency during the first 12 months to make the tenancy a success  
  • no fees or commission are payable for this service
  • a free health and safety inspection of the property will be carried out prior to letting by the Private Sector Housing team, with advice given where necessary 
  • free Inventory service at the start of tenancy (unfurnished properties only)
  • where an applicant receives universal credit or housing benefit, we may be able to arrange direct payment to the landlord 
  • one number to call for referrals and during tenancy

All prospective tenants will be assessed for their suitability for a private sector tenancy by the in-house Money Advisor to maximise income and an officer from the Social Lettings Agency.

The obligations and the conduct expected from them during the tenancy will be fully explained. 

Our Tenancy Support Officers will carry out a 'tenancy health check' 6 weeks after the start of the tenancy and then at 4-month intervals during the term of the tenancy. We will support the tenant to maximise their income and provide a single point of contact for the landlord.  

Value of the incentive

The value of the incentive is related to the number of bedrooms in the property.

Size of propertyIncentive
Studio / room in house of multiple occupancy (HMO)£925
4-bed+ £3,920

Which landlords qualify

The Landlord Incentive Scheme is open to all ‘fit and proper' landlords (i.e. with no unspent convictions for fraud, dishonesty, violence, supply, or misuse of illegal drugs, or have practiced any unlawful discrimination) who have properties that meet the following criteria.

Property criteria

The properties:

  • are available for letting on a fixed-term 12-month contract
  • are offered at an affordable rent
  • are, or are about to become, vacant
  • are not/were not, prior to being offered to the Council, occupied by a household subject to a no-fault eviction
  • are free from any serious hazards - this will be assessed by a Private Sector Housing Service 'fit to let' inspection
  • will be maintained in a habitable condition for the duration of the tenancy

What landlords need to do next

If you are interested in renting your property through our Landlord Incentive Scheme, please contact us by phone on 01604 838545 or email [email protected].

The Private Sector Housing Service team will arrange a fit to let inspection, which will entail a detailed inspection of the property to check for any category 1 hazard. Photos will be taken to evidence the condition of the property to protect all parties. 

We will identify suitable prospective tenants and arrange viewings. 

The deposit and first month’s rent in advance will be paid prior to the tenancy being signed. The incentive will be paid once we have received the Deposit Protection Certificate.

If you decide to let your property to one of our customers, you will be required to provide the following documents and confirmation on the day of signup:

  • the assured shorthold tenancy agreement
  • a Gas Safety Certificate
  • an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) - rated E or better
  • the ‘How to rent: the checklist for renting in England’ booklet
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)
  • Portable Appliance Test Certificate (if applicable)
  • Fire Risk Assessment (if applicable)
  • working smoke alarms, tested on day of tenancy
  • carbon monoxide detector (if applicable)
  • a detailed inventory of the contents of the property

The landlord is responsible for monitoring and inspecting the property regularly during the duration of the tenancy. 

How to contact us

If you would like more information about this scheme, please contact us by:

Last updated 06 November 2023