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Billing Aquadrome: flooding update

11 February 2024

Billing aquadrome flooding
“WNC staff left the site at 11pm last night having settled residents with emergency beds and hot food and thankfully there was no additional flooding overnight.

This means that Billing Aquadrome’s management has today been able to start assessing the situation, bringing in electricians, and taking the first steps towards moving residents safely back into their homes as soon as possible.

The immediate emergency response has now ended but we’re continuing to liaise with the Environment Agency to monitor the situation and we will continue to support the site’s management and residents by keeping overnight resources such as camp beds on standby at the site.

We’d like to thank all partners involved including the Red Cross, police and fire service for all their assistance with the evacuation and supporting.”
Cllr Jonathan Nunn, Leader of West Northamptonshire Council
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