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Cabinet set to discuss next steps for West Northants housing policy


08 November 2023

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Councillors will meet next week to consider the final draft of the West Northamptonshire Housing Allocation Scheme following the conclusion of a 10-week consultation with service users and stakeholders. 

The scheme has been developed to provide an aligned and harmonised approach across West Northants which will help in meeting the housing needs of West Northamptonshire’s most vulnerable residents whilst ensuring that the area’s valuable housing resources go to those most in need. 

The proposed Scheme sets out who is eligible to apply for social rented housing, how the Council will prioritise applicants, and the basis on which accommodation will be allocated. If adopted, the policy will replace the existing schemes operating in Daventry, South Northants, and Northampton and will operate through a choice-based lettings system which enables residents to make choices about which properties they are interested in.

Key proposals to the scheme include improving access to social housing for members of the Armed Forces, veterans and their families, care leavers, and our most vulnerable residents; including those experiencing homelessness, those with complex health and welfare needs, victims of domestic abuse and those subject to exploitation. People with a local connection to West Northants by residence, employment or close family will also be considered under the new criteria.

Ensuring those with the greatest need have access to social rented housing is a top priority for the Council and I am pleased that veterans and young people leaving care, as well as other more vulnerable groups will be recognised in the proposed scheme.

Through the 10-week public consultation we have had an opportunity to hear from a wide range of people and organisations to gain an understanding of the issues surrounding the current policies and the way social housing is allocated and this feedback has been incorporated within the proposed scheme.

The revised scheme aims to prevent and tackle homelessness and support strategic housing priorities to provide a much fairer and more sustainable approach to housing provision in West Northamptonshire as well as considering those with a local connection to the area.
Cllr Adam Brown, Deputy Leader of West Northamptonshire Council and Cabinet Member for Housing, Culture and Leisure

The report will be considered by West Northamptonshire Council’s Cabinet on Tuesday, 14 November. The full report can be viewed on the WNC website.

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