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Councils in West Northamptonshire to host summit to reach sustainability goals

15 May 2024

WNC council offices

Plans are under way to deliver a climate change summit in the autumn which seeks to provide businesses and residents across West Northamptonshire with the tools they need to reduce their carbon footprint.

Representatives from West Northamptonshire Council (WNC), Climate Action-West Northants (CA-WN), Northampton Town Council and parish councils across the area have joined forces to work in collaboration to consider how they can provide people with the tools they need to meet the target of becoming net zero in West Northamptonshire by 2045.

Sustainability is high on the agenda for WNC with work already underway to make West Northants a sustainable place to live. WNC has committed to:

  • Achieve Net Zero on all council operations by 2030 and those of residents and businesses by 2045
  • Take a community leadership role for Sustainability in West Northants
  • Ensure all Council strategies and policies are aligned to and contribute to the delivery of the UN SDGs

As part of these ambitious targets, WNC is working in collaboration with Northampton Town Council to host a summit which will provide residents and businesses with tangible tools to help them to become more sustainable in their day to day lives.

“We are embarking on a bold new approach to make West Northamptonshire a more sustainable place to live and work.

“Steps that the council is taking are many and varied including increasing solar energy production, and considering how we can invest in electric powered waste vehicles to reduce our outputs.

“We are pleased to be working in collaboration with our town and parish councils to deliver this summit which will provide people across the area with the tools they need to live a more sustainable lifestyle and come on this journey with us.”
Cllr Rebecca Breese, Cabinet Member for Environment, Recycling & Waste at WNC
"Climate change is a major challenge, but our initial meeting with representatives from WNC, Daventry and Towcester Councils and six local parish councils indicates how many have heard climate scientists’ urgent warnings.

“Many people are anxious about the now looming effects of climate change and wonder what they can do to make a difference, whilst others are anxious but put it out of their mind. We hope the Summit will help local people face the challenge and feel the hope that working together brings.

“The incoming Mayor of Northampton, Cllr Paul Joyce, is passionate about the environment and keen to work with local green organisations to support climate change awareness and sustainability.”
Councillors Paul Joyce and Andrew Stevens from Northampton Town Council

Plans are being developed for the content for the summit, and more information will be shared on WNC’s website and social media channels soon.

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