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Parking restrictions to be enforced in Bridge Street

Parking, roads and transport

18 October 2023

Bridge Street, Northampton

West Northamptonshire Council will be enforcing parking restrictions in the part of Bridge Street north of the Kingswell Street junction from Thursday 19 October.

A section of the street was closed directly after the fire at the former Balloon Bar, in order to ensure public safety as the structure was considered hazardous. The council is continuing its efforts to ensure timely work is carried out to make the building safe.

Since then, part of the road has been reopened, but parking restrictions were not enforced due to the need to see if this opening was possible to maintain, and many people have taken the opportunity to use the parking free of charge during this time.

It has been determined that the short stretch of road up to the safety fencing can remain open so parking restrictions will resume and any vehicles parking without a valid ticket or in contravention of any other parking restriction will receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

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