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Stepping towards safety and independence with our falls management service

Health and wellbeing

15 September 2023

Falls prevention team

As Falls Awareness Week is just around the corner (18 to 22 September), we wanted to share information about the Falls Management Service and how we support individuals every day to promote safety and wellbeing.

We know that falls are a concern and worry for many, particularly among the elderly population as they can often result in injuries that can have long-lasting effects on an individual's health and independence. However, falls in older people are often preventable, and reducing falls is important for maintaining the health, wellbeing and independence of the elderly population – our Falls Management Service is on hand to help individuals minimise falls and their associated risks.

In Northamptonshire we benefit from having a joined up approach to preventing falls which residents can get involved in. These include:

Get up & go

Northamptonshire Sport coordinates a countywide falls prevention programme. Get Up & Go strength and balance exercise classes improve the mobility and confidence of participants. They are fun and friendly, and very effective. The classes aim to improve strength, balance, mobility and confidence and are delivered by qualified instructors. They classes will help individuals to:

  • Reduce falls
  • Reduce injury due to falls
  • Improve balance & strength
  • Improve ability to complete everyday tasks
  • Increase stamina
  • Improve mood
  • Improve confidence and independence

You can find out more about the classes here: Get Up & Go

ICAN Get up & go

An enhanced version called iCAN Get Up & Go, funded by the Integrated Care System (the NHS). This programme is for those with much less mobility and is by referral only, for 24 weeks. With West Northants classes currently available in Daventry, Towcester and two in Northampton.

Steady on your feet

There is also a dedicated website where people can get evidence-based information about how to reduce their risk of falling: Information and Advice - Steady On Your Feet (Northamptonshire)

The website includes lots of advice and “top tips”, and people can undertake a self assessment and build their own action plan about how best to stay active and independent, and reduce their risk of having a fall: Steady On Your Feet Assessment Tool

Our falls management service

The Falls management services offer a comprehensive approach to identify, assess, and mitigate the risk factors associated with falls. These services typically involve healthcare professionals, such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and falls technicians who collaborate to create personalised fall prevention plans. These plans often include exercises to improve strength and balance, home safety assessments, walking aids/minor adaptations, signposting to other services based on individual needs and educational resources for individuals and caregivers.

Empowering independence

Individuals can take proactive steps towards maintaining their independence and reducing the risk of falls. These initiatives contribute not only to physical health but also to the mental wellbeing by boosting confidence and self-assurance.

By spreading awareness and encouraging participation, we can collectively work towards a future where the risks of falls are minimised, and individuals of all ages can enjoy a life free from the fear of falling.

Please be aware that the service is a non-urgent service, if urgent support is required, then please call 999.

If you would like a falls assessment from a member of our team, then please submit a referral and we will be in touch to schedule your appointment.

How to make a referral:

West Northamptonshire:

To make a falls referral you can submit the form on our website.

Alternatively, you can process the referral by calling 0300 126 7000 option 1, 2, 1. Any queries, please email WNC Falls at [email protected].

If you would like to know more or come and speak to our Falls management Service + WNC, we will be having a stand in Kettering General hospital hallway to answer the individual queries and discussion around home safety and an opportunity to engage with healthcare professionals.

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