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Supporting the resettlement of Afghan nationals in West Northamptonshire

Community, safety and emergencies

03 September 2021

Silhouette of Afghan refugee family

Temporary emergency accommodation and support is being provided in our area ahead of the commencement of the Government’s long-term Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy (ARAP).

We are expected to provide up to 140 people with initial accommodation and preparations are under way with our public partners to put in place local care and support measures for them during their stay in Northamptonshire, until longer term arrangements are put in place to resettle them in new homes nationwide.

Local support efforts

We are currently being contacted by many of our residents and local groups and organisations who are keen to join in our local support efforts by providing donations and offers of help and assistance and we are extremely grateful and heartened by such a positive response.

At this early stage we are still working out what care and support, including any donations of everyday items, will be required to help these families settle into their new lives here, but we hope to provide you with further details soon of how you can get involved.

In the meantime we would encourage anyone wishing to offer help or donate to register their interest with us by completing our online form below and we will then be in touch with you when arrangements are confirmed. There is also an opportunity to support with donations via a fundraising page launched by Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire.

Further information

More information on UK support to resettle people from Afghanistan is available on the Home Office website: