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West Northamptonshire Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Health and wellbeing

07 November 2023

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West Northamptonshire Health and Wellbeing Board approved a new Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy in September, which focuses on helping residents to “Live Your Best Life”. This is a joint strategy working with a variety of partners including health, voluntary and community sector organisations, police and fire colleagues as well as many more.

The strategy focuses on tackling health inequalities throughout West Northamptonshire by looking at “wider determinants”, which are external elements that can affect a person’s health and wellbeing.

Together, over the next five years we aim to achieve the 10 ambitions that are embedded at the heart of the strategy, via West Northamptonshire’s nine Local Area Partnerships (LAPS). LAPs allow us to look at areas from a more local perspective, enabling us to identify and understand the needs and challenges faced by each of these nine different areas and implement services and support through organisations that are specific to each individual area.

The 10 ambitions are:

  1. The best start in life
  2. Access to the best available education and learning
  3. Opportunity to be fit, well and independent
  4. Employment that keeps you and your family out of poverty
  5. Good Housing in places which are clean and green
  6. Safe in your homes and when out and about
  7. Connected to friends and family
  8. The chance of a fresh start when things go wrong
  9. Access to health and social care when you need it
  10. Accepted and valued for who you are

The strategy sets out how together, we will meet each of the 10 ambitions by highlighting where we are now, what the inequalities are as well as how we are going to achieve improvements.

I am delighted to announce the approval of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy. This is our health and wellbeing commitment to our residents for the next five years. These 10 ambitions are the starting point for us as we take forward and embed our own Joint Local Health and Wellbeing Strategy and will be key  in our mission to ensure the people of the West Northamptonshire are supported.Cllr Matt Golby, Chair of West Northants Health and Wellbeing Board and Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health at West Northamptonshire Council

You can view the strategy on the WNC website.

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