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New hackney carriage and private hire driver licences

New hackney carriage and private hire driver licences

Hackney carriage and private hire driver licences allow you to drive a licensed vehicle. The holder of a West Northamptonshire licence is considered a professional driver and should always demonstrate high professional standards.

If you want to be licensed with us, you can apply to be:

  • a private hire vehicle driver only
  • a dual hackney carriage and private hire vehicle driver
  • A hackney carriage, private hire or dual driver’s licence will remain in force until the expiry date stated on the licence, unless it's suspended or revoked by us. The licence will be subject to conditions.

    Applications and fees for these licences are for a three-year period only. We may issue a driver licence for less than three years:

  • at your request
  • where your right to remain in the UK is less than the three-year period. If the licence is approved it would only be issued for same time as the leave to remain
  • where your medical check identified a requirement for review within the three-year period
  • There will be no reduction in fee for a licence granted for a shorter term.


All private hire applications will relate to the whole geographical area of West Northamptonshire.

For hackney carriage vehicles and drivers, we are retaining three zones (prescribed areas) in West Northamptonshire:

  • Zone 1: South Northamptonshire
  • Zone 2: Daventry
  • Zone 3: Northampton

If you want to drive a hackney carriage vehicle, you will need to select the zones you want to operate in.


The following policy will come into force from 1 April 2024.

See our Licensing Policy page for our current Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy.

Last updated 15 March 2024