Senior leadership team

See details of our senior leadership team at West Northamptonshire Council.



Chief Executive

Anna Earnshaw

Assistant Chief Executive

Rebecca Peck

Transformation Director

Jane Carr

Executive Director, Finance

Martin Henry

Executive Director, Adults, Communities and Wellbeing

Stuart Lackenby

Executive Director, Corporate

Sarah Reed

Executive Director, Place and Economy

Stuart Timmiss

Director of Children’s Services

Cathi Hadley

Director of Legal and Democratic

Catherine Whitehead

Director of Public Health

Lucy Wightman

Assistant Director, Housing and Communities

Jo Barrett

Assistant Director, Commissioning and Performance

Ashley Leduc

Chief Information Officer

Chris Wales

Assistant Director, Safeguarding and Wellbeing

Katie Brown

Assistant Director, Economic Growth and Regeneration

Jim Newton

Assistant Director, Finance - Strategy

James Smith

Assistant Director, Assets

Simon Bowers

Assistant Director, Highways and Waste

Fiona Unett

Assistant Director, HR

Alison Golding

Assistant Director, Customer Services

Luiza Morris-Warren

Assistant Director, Revenues and Benefits

Belinda Green

Assistant Director, Adult Services

Amy Brock

Assistant Director, Finance - Accountancy

Audra Statham

Assistant Director, Regulatory Services

Ruth Austen

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