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Disability and mental health

We have information on support for people who have learning and physical disabilities, including:

  • dementia care
  • an Employment and Disability Service (EADS)
  • services for adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities
  • support for people with learning disabilities or brain injuries
  • what to do if you're worried about your mental health
  • help to carry out day-to-day activities if you have a physical disability
  • social groups and activities for people with learning and physical disabilities
  • how to get help if you have a sensory impairment such as hearing or sight loss

Learn more about disability and mental health support

Why information is on a different website
We are in the process of adding information to this new unitary council website. Some pages will give you a link back to a previous council website to help you find what you need. Read more about the council changes.

Last updated 27 March 2023