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Home care recommissioning

A review of home care recommissioning is underway with plans to implement a new framework that allows us to work with a range of providers that meet our quality standards.

Home care is support provided by a professional caregiver in the home where the patient or client is living and is also known as domiciliary care or social care. This service is delivered via a home care provider.

To ensure implementation of a framework that is fit for purpose for Residents of West Northamptonshire who receive care, care providers and the Council there are various engagement events that are taking place. Providers can come along to find out more about the proposed recommissioning project and next steps on the tender process.

The event will take place via Microsoft Teams and will be held on Tuesday 29 November at 10:30am.

We would like to invite you to an information event about our proposed Home Care provision from 2023/24.

The event will include the following information:

  • broad outline of the proposed model
  • indicative timelines for the proposed recommissioning of Homecare
  • estimated volumes of activity within West Northamptonshire
  • how you can register to tender and pre prepare for the proposed recommissioning.

However, we will not be discussing anything to do with, or answering any questions on:

  • pricing
  • fair cost of care

We will not have a Question and Answer session at the event due to timescales, however questions are able to be submitted via email to [email protected] and a Q&A document will subsequently be sent out to all attendees following the event.

To attend this event, please email [email protected] no later than Friday 25 November to receive the Microsoft Teams information.

When the tender is open, providers who have registered on INTEND, West Northamptonshire Council’s tender platform, will receive a notification altering them that they can now bid for the tender. We will update this webpage with further information on the tender in due course.

It is mandatory that providers register on INTEND, tenders will only be published via this platform and all tenders must also be submitted via INTEND.

Future model

The new model for home care provision will link to community outcomes, therefore consider:

  • supporting people to remain independent for longer in their own homes
  • increasing the available capacity of services and support
  • making it easier for people to find support and participate in their communities
  • helping people to manage their own conditions for example, through peer support, using digital solutions for assistive technology

As more information becomes available, we will update this page. 

Last updated 24 November 2022