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Safer Food Better Business (SFBB)

If you run a food business you must have a documented food safety management system based on the principles of Hazard Awareness and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Simply, this is a written system that looks at:

  • the type of food you prepare
  • how you do this safely by monitoring critical points of your process
  • having suitable documentation to demonstrate this

The amount of documentation needed relates to the type of food and the risks they present. Staff must be trained on the system which must be available at all times.

Your food hygiene rating score will be considerably affected if you do not have a fully implemented and up to date food safety management system such as Safer Food Better Business (SFBB).

SFBB is a simple fact sheet system that shows how to ensure that potential hazards in a food business can be safely controlled, namely those to do with:

  • cross-contamination
  • cleaning
  • chilling
  • cooking and preparation

SFBB is used by thousands of food businesses in the UK. It’s designed to be practical and easy to use and will help you to:

  • comply with food regulations
  • improve your food hygiene rating score
  • show what to do to make food safely
  • train staff
  • protect your business's reputation
  • improve your business (by wasting less food, for example)
  • Safer Food Better Business pack for Caterers (includes Management System and 52 weeks' diary): £30 inclusive of VAT and delivery
  • Safer Food Better Business diary refills (48 weeks): £18 inclusive of VAT and delivery

In conjunction with SFBB a number of training videos are available.

These are available in 16 languages: Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, English, Kurdish, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese and Welsh. Download for free from the Food Standards Agency.

SFBB has been tailored specifically for small caterers and retailers. Manufacturers and other food businesses will find it more appropriate to adopt HACCP.

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Last updated 31 March 2022