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Adult social care jobs

A carer with an elderly person

All in a day's work

Celebrating. Chatting. Discovering. Empathising. Supporting. Understanding. Engaging. Smiling. Laughing. Connecting. Loving. Amazing. Absorbing. Fulfilling. Understanding. Encouraging. Exciting. Reassuring. Guiding. Inspiring. Aspiring. Heart-warming. Challenging. Rewarding. Learning. Progressing. Developing. Caring.

Whatever area of care you work in, one thing you can be sure of is that every day, what you do will make a big difference to someone special. All the people we support and care for are special – someone’s grandparent, or parent, or sibling and child. They are all unique with fascinating lives, talents, experiences, and stories, and we are privileged to be able to be there for them now. It’s the little things which are also the big things:

  • how important Rana’s gardening is to her, so supporting her to get outside and work her magic in the garden again
  • knowing that Anna loves to sing, so encouraging her to sit by the piano and have a sing song…
  • that Roger likes his tea with just a tiny splash of milk…
  • that Richard was in the Navy, and still likes to have his toiletries laid out every morning and everything ship shape in his bedroom…
  • that Barbara likes to kiss her photograph of her husband goodnight every evening before bed…

These are the little things which make a big difference to individuals we care for.


Watch our video about careers in care:

Watch a video about careers in care

Care Services

See where our care services are located:

In the autumn of 2022, we launched a new way of working, in partnership with Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NHFT) within Turn Furlong Specialist Care Centre in Kingsthorpe, Northampton. The new unit delivers vital short-term care for people who are not quite ready to return home after a hospital stay.

The unit has been opened to free-up beds in our county’s acute hospitals and will operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The focus of the centre is to support individuals with rehabilitation and reablement and is provided by WNC and NHFT in an integrated way. The team includes senior nurses, staff nurses, unregistered staff, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, medical staff and social care colleagues.

The new unit provides staff a unique opportunity to work with a dedicated team, with experience from both elements of health and social care, to deliver vital intermediate care for people in Northamptonshire. The team provides quality care for our people, specialising in rehabilitation/reablement and sub-acute care for people discharged from acute hospitals.

As the focus of the centre is rehabilitation and reablement, you will be working in an integrated multi-disciplinary team that includes senior nurses, staff nurses, unregistered staff, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, medical staff and social care colleagues.

Current vacancies:

Shift Leader

As a Shift Leader you will be responsible for completing an assessment on admission for individuals, along with a personalised care plan to meet their needs, ensuring these are reviewed regularly as needs change, including completion of documentation. You’ll administer, order and stock check medication. You will be responsible for managing and leading a shift, communicating with families and health professionals, acting in a timely manner to solve any issues. You will be allocated a number of care staff in which you will supervise and support.

As part of our new integrated working with NHFT you’ll work alongside and support Nurses and Therapy team, attend MDTS and support individuals to meet their goals by maximising independence and wellbeing in preparation for discharge.

To apply, or find out more, please contact us: [email protected] or send your details via our quick application form.

Most of our vacancies are for night shifts, but there are a small number of day shifts available.

Care and Support Assistant

As a Care and Support Assistant, you’ll support people to gain their independence, helping them to regain confidence to reach their goals and retain skills. You will support individuals to make choices around their personal care and needs, encouraging good nutrition and hydration and prompt socialisation and engagement in activities. Another important area of your role is to ensure that clear and accurate documentation is completed, and any concerns are reported to the Shift Leader or Nurse on duty. 

Shifts are 7:45am-8:15pm (days) or 8pm-8am (nights), full and part time applications are welcomed.

To apply, or find out more, please contact us: [email protected] or send your details via our quick application form.

Other vacancies being recruited for by NHFT are:

Most of our vacancies are for night shifts, but there are a small number of day shifts available.

Business Support Administration Assistant

Business Support Administration Assistant (Turn Furlong)

As a Business Support Assistant at Turn Furlong Recovering Independence Unit, you’ll provide a wide range of administrative support to managers and colleagues specifically within your team but also generally across the company. This includes responding to standard enquiries and correspondence, maintaining your manager’s diaries and meeting schedules, and undertaking other tasks as required.

Our Business Support Assistants will also be required to cover reception when needed and respond to telephone and face to face enquiries, so it’s essential that you have exceptional communication skills, great attention to detail and a willingness to complete tasks to the highest possible standard.

Working hours: Monday - Friday, 37 hours per week. 

“I have been working with West Northamptonshire council for 6 years; starting off as a Support Worker and since 2021 I have been working with the same team as a Business Support Assistant. Becoming a BSA has increased my confidence and skills. I have enjoyed my role since the start and still look forward to coming into work. The team are amazing and very supportive. Being a Business Support Assistant gives me more of an insight on the recruitment, finance and other administrative parts of the service whilst working alongside my manager. Each day brings different tasks, so not one day is the same which is something I look forward to. My manager is supportive and I know the council values our work, and there are many opportunities for me to progress as an individual.”A current Business Support Administration Assistant at Turn Furlong

Helping people to live their best life.

Our Reablement West service provides support to people in West Northants in their own homes. We work to provide a fast and responsive service to people, who without our immediate support, would be at risk of either being admitted to a hospital or care home, or will be unnecessarily delayed from returning home if they’re in hospital.

Our approach is to work with individuals, making the most of their strengths, to enable them to gain independence and confidence so they can continue to remain at home as long as they want to. Our Reablement Support Workers help people to set goals and work towards achieving them, usually for a set period of time (typically around three to six weeks) for example a person might like to be able to do their own personal care, improve their mobility or cooking.

They also support people to connect with their community by helping them become more independent outside of their home and to have the confidence to go out and about like they used to. All with the aim of helping them to live their best lives possible.

"It’s a very nice job, I am working with individuals coming out of hospitals and try to help them become more independent; it’s a very nice job. I see the person initially unable to do anything for themselves, slowly you show them and help them to become independent – it’s the best thing, it’s what I love most about the job – it’s very rewarding and makes a big difference to their lives."Valentin, Reablement Support Worker

Our three specialist care centres (based in Northampton, Rushden and Corby) are there for people who are leaving hospital or those who require respite or emergency care, and they usually stay around three to six weeks.

As with our Reablement Service, we work with individuals, making the most of their strengths, to enable them to gain independence and confidence so they can go home, and remain at home as long as they want to.

Our Reablement Support Workers and residents set goals together, and during their stay, work towards achieving them. Their goals could be being able to do their own personal care, cook for themselves or be more mobile, for example.

We have a team of Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Nurses and Reablement Support Workers in our specialist care centres who support with things such as mobility, kitchen assessments and washing and dressing assessments. We all work together to support residents to regain their confidence, strength and independence.

Our Social Workers can set up care packages, so they are able to go home, where they want to be, and live their best lives!

Residential care homes

Our care homes are a home from home for elderly people, some of whom are living with dementia, who aren’t able to live at home anymore. We do our best to enable our residents to live as independently as possible, but we are on hand 24/7 to provide all the support they need. We help our residents with everything from personal care - which can include getting up, washing, and helping them choose what clothes to wear, right through to going to bed and everything in between like medication, mealtimes, joining in with activities and so much more. The big things are the little things and everything we do is person centred – it’s around what our residents want and need, whilst maintaining their choice and dignity.

Supported living

The care we provide to those living in Supported Living is similar to our residential care homes, we provide 24-hour support, but in resident’s own apartments. Our Care Workers here also help residents with things like paying bills and setting up direct debits, supporting them to go on holidays (and going with them!). Our residents may not need support with personal care, but still need some support to live independently in the community.

Day services

Our day services support can be given in a day centre or out in the community. The support offered is shorter term, for adults with physical or learning disabilities, with the goal of enabling increasing their independence.

Our Care and Support Workers might be supporting someone to regain independence and confidence to go from their home into the community by helping them to catch a bus giving them greater access to their local community or supporting people to attend groups to give them the confidence to get to know their local community better, or helping them with cookery in the day centre. Support is personalised for each person – whatever they need, which could be anything from learning new skills, training, volunteer work or help getting out and about.

"It feels like we’re a family; we work together all the time, I’ve got friends here who will be friends for life! The managers are very understanding, they’re welcoming and really lovely. Some people think we just make tea all the time, a lot of people don’t understand what a Care and Support Worker does - we have a big responsibility - I care for a number of residents who are completely dependent on me. We know our residents “normal”, so know when something’s wrong. We’re close to residents and their families and I always try to help residents maintain independence as I know how important it is to them."Sydney, Care & Support Worker, Boniface Care Home

What is Northamptonshire Shared Lives?

A scheme that provides adults, who have a range of needs, with full-time and personalised support within the homes of professional carers.

Carers provide comfortable family homes for younger adults, adults with a learning disability and older people. The idea is to give as much independence as possible to individuals, while having a safe and secure home environment within the community.

A careful matching process makes sure individuals are paired with suitable carers who will treat them as members of their family, meet their needs and provide the right support.

Long-term support

Customers who are looking for a permanent home can use Shared Lives as an alternative to home care or care homes. This gives the adult opportunities to create links and develop their identity in relation to the family and the wider community.

Short-term support and respite care

We appreciate that carers may need time to themselves. This is why Shared Lives offers a dedicated short-term and respite service for carers to take time away, while providing their loved one with a safe and friendly home environment.

It involves temporarily relocating the individual into a Shared Lives carer's home where they will receive the right care and support they need from a trained carer.

For more information, see Northamptonshire Shared Lives

Employee stories

Read some of our carer and reablement employee stories.

Current vacancies

Employee benefits

We offer a fantastic range of benefits for employees which include:

  • annual leave entitlement starting at 27 days
  • access to a range of training and development, in addition to mandatory training
  • flexible working hours
  • pension with generous employer contribution
  • pay for full shifts, rather than per individual visit, for those out and about in our reablement service
  • £600 bonus for people who join our regulated care roles as new starters to join the caring profession over the coming winter months, up until March 31

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We want to help you take your next step to becoming a Care Worker. You can quickly share your contact details with us by completing our online form:

It will only take a couple of minutes to complete, and once we receive a completed form, a member of our team will contact you to discuss our available roles with you.

If you are interested in working for us as a temporary worker, please contact Opus, email: [email protected] or call 0330 124 2800.

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