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Shared Lives carers


Payments and benefits for Shared Lives carers

What you will earn

The amount you’ll receive as a Shared Lives carer depends on the:

  • level of support you provide
  • needs of the adult

Long term carers will receive each month:

  • a care and support payment (from West Northants Council)
  • rent (normally from housing benefit)
  • household expenses, such as food and utility bills (paid for by the person you support)

Short term carers will receive a flat rate for each night the person stays with you. This covers the care and support you provide, room rent and any household expenses.

Register as self-employed

As Shared Lives carers are not employees of West Northants Council, to receive your support payment, you must register as self-employed. You can find out how to set up as self-employed on the GOV.UK website.

Other benefits

You also:

  • have an allowance of 4 weeks to take breaks (sometimes more depending on the support needs of the person you are caring for) - this means we’ll arrange and pay for care suitable for the person you are caring for
  • are entitled to receive the majority of your payment tax free - you can find out more about qualifying care relief on the GOV.UK website

Last updated 13 November 2023