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Children in employment and entertainment

Families Information Service

The Families Information Service directory is currently unavailable due to maintenance. We apologise for any inconvenience.  In the meantime please use Ofsted website to search for registered Childcare and Early Education providers by postcode or name of setting.

Child performance licences

A licence is required if the performance meets any of the following criteria:

  • it takes place on licenced premises
  • is broadcast, filmed or recorded for public exhibition
  • a charge is made (even if there is no admission charge)

A licence is also required if the child:

  • performs for 4 days or more in a 6 month period
  • is being paid
  • requires time off from school

It is illegal for the child to perform without a licence.

Performances arranged by schools that take place in a school do not need to be licenced. This does not include dance schools or music hubs.

Download and complete the licence application template.

Applications and supporting information (including school approval where applicable) should be emailed to [email protected].

Please ensure you have fully completed the application and attached all the required supporting documentation.

Please allow up to 21 days for processing.

Performance exemption certificate

An exemption certificate is required when:

  • no payment is made to the child except for expenses
  • no time off school is required
  • the performance run is 4 days or less
  • the child hasn't already performed on 4 days in a 6 month period

Licences and exemption certificates can only be applied for by the performance's producer, organiser or agent.

Please allow up to 21 days for processing.

Body of Persons Approval (BOPA)

This approval can be granted to any organisation, including professional or amateur. Providing no payment is made to the child or to anyone else in respect of the child taking part and there is no absence from school.

You must demonstrate that you have a clear, robust and well-embedded safeguarding policy and arrangements to protect children. This will inform our decision and it is at our discretion whether to issue an approval.

You only need to apply to us if your performance takes place within the West Northamptonshire Area.

The BOPA will be issued for all children taking part regardless of where they live.

Further details can also be found on the NNCEE webpage or by emailing [email protected].

Children (performances and activities) regulations and supporting information

Last updated 03 July 2023