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Unacceptable or unreasonable customer communications and behaviour

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and with respect. We strive to ensure that we treat all our customers impartially and with courtesy. We do not accept and will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour by anyone towards our staff or on our premises. 

Anger and frustration are acceptable and understandable emotions however aggressive, violent, offensive, or discriminatory behaviour and language will not be tolerated.

When considering this policy the term ‘customer’ applies to any member of the public accessing services, their family members, guardians, supporters, carers and / or representatives.

The term ‘staff’ applies to anyone working for or on behalf of West Northants Council our partners and stakeholders including elected members.


If we consider that a customer’s behaviour or communication has been unacceptable and / or unreasonable then we will tell you why and ask that you stop.

Where a customer’s behaviour is so extreme that it threatens the immediate safety and welfare of the Council’s staff or the public, we will consider other options. For example, this may include reporting the matter to the Police or seeking legal action. In such cases we may not give the customer warning of that action.

Restricting contact

If a customer's behaviour has gone too far, there are ways for us to limit or restrict contact from the customer. This may include, restricting contact to writing or email only.

In some circumstances we may limit a customer contact to a single staff member, allowing only a single point of contact to minimise the impact of the customers behaviour and protect staff and resources. If the behaviour continues after warning letters are sent it out, we may refuse further contact altogether and refuse further responses.

How we share data to protect our staff and services

We operate within the guidelines of personal data rights. We share data between colleagues to make sure that everyone has the correct information we need to help each customer in a swift and efficient manner. 

Data is kept if it is relevant to the service we provide, we may keep data referencing unacceptable behaviour and communications from members of the public.


Any restrictions placed on an individual’s contact with the Council due to unacceptable or unreasonable behaviour and/or communication will be proportionate, and demonstrate regard for the provisions of the Equality Act 2010.

Last updated 11 June 2024