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Young people's animation - hate crime

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Harry and Abdi

Topics covered:

  • Overview of what a hate crime is
  • How people can be affected
  • Reflecting on how your actions can affect others
  • Encouraging acceptance and individuality

Follows character Harry who one day while at the park with some friends, notices Abdi alone and looking sad. Harry goes over to him and asks if he is okay, but Abdi dismisses him saying he wouldn’t understand. Confused, Harry returns to his group and they explain reasons to him why Abdi thinks Harry wouldn’t understand - notable examples, race and disability. Upon reflection, Harry asks to meet up with Abdi to apologise and discuss what is happening. Harry tells Abdi the ways he is going to be a better friend in the future and stand up for any injustices against Abdi.

Last updated 16 October 2023