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Young people's animation - knife crime and gangs

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Alex and Amari

Topics covered:

  • Peer pressure
  • Talking to someone
  • Consequences

Follows character Alex who has recently been hanging out with a new group of older kids rather than her usual friends. Amari questions Alex about the new group but Alex is defensive and snappy. Later, Amari asks if she can borrow Alex’s textbook, they agree but when they open their bag, Amari spots a knife in Alex’s bag. Shocked, Amari questions Alex who is again defensive and defends the older kids who gave them it. The friends go separate ways home.

Worried, Amari confides in her mum who suggests they talk to Alex’s parents but Amari stops her and asks if she can talk to Alex again first. Meanwhile, Alex is at home with their dad and begins asking subtle questions about knives and gangs. Confused, Alex’s dad questions this more and eventually Alex opens up about the situation and they discuss steps moving forward.

Last updated 17 July 2023