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Support local in West Northamptonshire

West Northamptonshire is a unique place for everyone to enjoy, offering a high quality of life and a vibrant offer for residents, visitors and the whole family to enjoy. We implore everyone to think local and support West Northamptonshire small businesses all year round.

According to Small Business Saturday UK, there are 4 reasons to support local small businesses 

  1. You're getting tailored services and products
  2. You're supporting amazing people (and their dreams!)
  3. It's often more sustainable
  4. You're boosting your local economy

Follow @WNorthantsBiz on Twitter for local information on events and initiatives. Remember, you can support local businesses by following them on social media, leaving reviews praising their services and most importantly, through effective word of mouth. We want everyone in West Northamptonshire to thrive and supporting the local economy benefits the entire community.

Last updated 24 November 2023