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Local Offer Guide to publication on the Local Offer Directory, Newsletter and Social Media

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Purpose of the Local Offer (SEND Code of Practice) 

“To set out in one place the current provision and support believed to be available for children and young people with special educational needs and or disabilities in West Northamptonshire”. 

The Local Offer provides an online directory and associated webpages; social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram, and two newsletters – one electronic and one printed and posted to families. 

Content for any of these media can be submitted by providers and other parties: 

  • It is expected that all content will be relevant for children and young people with special educational needs, their families and the professionals who work with them. Services that are universal are not usually included as these can be shared on other platforms.
  • Adult social care content can be included, but priority will be given to those on the Learning Disability Framework of approved providers, and those offering opportunities for the younger adult community.
  • Content will most likely be based in West Northants area of the local authority, but relevant content from adjacent counties and authorities will be considered.
  • Requests for new providers to the directory are made through the online forms system (Firmstep) and a link is provided on the home page of the Local Offer. Services are expected to read and apply the “Co-production Charter” where relevant.
  • Those providers who offer face to face sessions with children or young people must provide evidence of their safeguarding processes, including DBS checks on all workers, including volunteers. They are expected to have a complaints procedure in place.
  • Checks for creditability will take place with Ofsted, CQC, Charity Commission etc.
  • Online only groups would be expected to invite the Local Offer in the spirit of transparency and openness.  This ensures that the LA can be reassured that any closed groups conform to the Equality Act principals and are not discriminating against any protected groups or characteristics, prior to sharing with the SEND community.
  • Articles for the newsletters must be factual, interesting, constructive, and legitimate. All images and photos provided must have prior permission to reproduce and publish.
  • All content provided is subject to editorial discretion and will be checked and amended for accuracy and errors.
  • No third-party content is endorsed by the Local Authority.
  • No commitment is made by the Authority to publish third-party content
  • No charge is made to third parties for advertising in the newsletters

There is no right to appeal if the Local Authority decides that content for any platform is not suitable*. The Local Offer staff will discuss any identified issues or concerns with their management structure and a termly summary presented to the multi-partner steering group. 

*Not suitable may include bringing the Local Authority into disrepute from content that may cause offence; fundraising, (although a fund-raising event such as a school fete will be considered), political parties or associated groups. This list is for guidance and is not exclusive. 

  • Northamptonshire
  • West Northamptonshire

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Publication on the Local Offer does not endorse a provider, so please take reasonable steps to ensure that any service found on the Local Offer is suitable for your family member. For more information, please read our disclaimer.

Last updated 03 May 2024