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West Northamptonshire SEND Improvement Board, Summary (11 September 2023)

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SEND Improvement Board Summary (11 September 2023)


Feedback given regarding discussions with Middlesbrough Local Authority about involvement of transport teams at panel. Robust discussion around difficulties with transport and need for further training for operators.  Agreed action for transport team and EHCP to discuss new possible format.

SEND and AP Strategy

Background of how the strategy was co-produced given. Agreement around intent that all partners will display and demonstrate the value contained within in. Agreed action for charter to be available at launch for partners to take away.

SEND and AP Strategy – Workstreams

Discussion about the 6 workstreams to deliver the priorities of the strategy. Each workstream has a lead and a partnership group that who are responsible for pulling together detailed action plans within their workstream which will then produce monthly reports on the workstreams’ actions and impact and present monthly updates to the SEND Improvement Board. Agreed action for workstream leads to prepare the report to present in the November board meeting WNC Improvement Manager to prepare progress update for October board meeting.

Risk register

Strategic risks have been identified and collated and regular updates will be brought to the Improvement Board with any delays or potential problems highlighted. The aim is to capture all risks that could impact improvement to our performance as a partnership.

SEND and AP Strategy – Performance/data dashboard

Background on how the performance dashboard has been built since March 2023 following the spilt of the SEND Assurance board into North and West Northamptonshire.  The dashboard is intended as an overview of data that allows the partnership to raise questions as a result of figures and trends. Narrative and/or context will be provided together to create a shared understanding and interpretation.  Agreed action for Business Intelligence team to revise narrative for data.

Local area partnerships, Ofsted Dry-Run Learning

Discussion around what the partnership need to be ready for an area-wide SEND inspection. In July, test run with 2 tracked cases to audit readiness built a collective understand of what is working well and where improvement is needed.

SEND Strategy Launch – 26 September

Outline of launch plan given. The intention of this event is to give an overview of how we have got to where we are today, how we want engagement and commitment from colleagues and how it can make a difference to children’s lives. The event has been co-produced and will be led by both partners and young people.  Reasonable adjustments are being fully considered and there will be signers at both events.  Agreed action for launch feedback to be shared at the October board.

Short breaks update

Background of Short Breaks given. It is a joint commission project by NCT and collaboration with NPFG, WNC and NNC to provide a range of activities for children with disabilities and families, to provide a break for them by offering some positive activities both non-residential and residential including daytime, evening and holiday activities which are commissioned by the Trust and ICB started in September 2021. Robust discussion and challenge from all partners around proposed changes which includes redistributing resources. They have finalised the next stage of the public survey and due to attend scrutiny in the North and West this month to hear members’ views and also to run workshops with NPFG, professionals and families to work through what they are proposing. Intent is to go out to tender around October or November. Agreed action for public survey and partnership workshops to take place.

NPFG update

Great improvement in the working relationship between NPFG and the partnership within the last 6-12 months, and the increased opportunities for co-production have been welcomed by the partnership. Thanks given for being voice of parents, families and over 15,000 children with additional needs.

School places update

Discussion around increasing specialist placements and embedding the Ranges to develop capacity and the intent is to continue to work collaboratively across the partnership to plan this effectively. Discussed use of school dashboards to support headteachers. Agreed action of additional school places information to be shared at a future board meeting.


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