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Member of Parliament for Northampton North

Audio ballot paper – Northampton North Constituency

Listen to a list of candidates

A list of candidates for the Northampton North Constituency are on this page to assist partially sighted or blind voters that may use a tactile voting device at the polling station.

The row numbers used in the list of candidates below match the braille rows on the tactile voting device which polling station staff can place on the ballot paper for you. 

Each row of the tactile voting device has a flap which can be lifted. Underneath the flap is the box where you need to mark the ballot paper for voting.

For this election, vote for only one candidate by putting a cross in the box next to your choice.

Row 1 – ANTONIOU, Antony, (address in the Northampton North Constituency), Reform UK

Row 2 – BASSAN, Eishar Kaur, (address in the Northampton North Constituency), Green Party

Row 3 – BENNETT, Dan, (address in the Daventry Constituency), The Conservative Party Candidate

Row 4 – CLARK, Paul Leslie 158 Coppice Drive, Parklands, Northampton, NN3 6NG, Independent

Row 5 – LEGGETT, Christopher Gordon, (address in West Northamptonshire) Liberal Democrats

Row 6 - RAZZAQ, Khalid, (address in the South Northamptonshire Constituency), Workers Party

Row 7 – RIGBY, Lucy, (address in the Northampton North Constituency), Labour Party

After marking your ballot paper, the polling station staff can guide you to the ballot box. 

Ballot papers must be put into the ballot box for them to be counted.

Last updated 04 July 2024