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Employment opportunities at elections

Casual employment positions - Polling stations

Polling Station Staff

Polling station staff ensure that voters are able to cast their vote in secret, free from any influence and in a calm environment. All staff must complete a short training session prior to the start of their duties. The training session is designed to ensure that you are confident and knowledgeable on the procedures and processes that Polling Station staff must follow during any election or referendum. Polling stations must open at 7am and close at 10pm.

Presiding Officer 

Presiding Officers will have a sound knowledge of the voting procedures and ensure that the secrecy and security of the ballot is maintained throughout the course of the day. The Presiding Officer has an overall responsibility for the conduct of the poll within the station and its set-up/closure. Presiding Officers will be able to handle enquires from electors and candidates confidently and professionally. They are additionally responsible for the supervision of the work of the Poll Clerk(s).

Poll Clerk

Poll Clerks will assist and support the Presiding Officer in their duties. Arriving at the station on time, you will be required to assist the Presiding Officer in the set-up and closure of the Polling Station.

No prior experience of Poll Clerk is required. However, previous experience or knowledge of how polls/referendums are undertaken will be considered as an advantage.

Count Staff - Count venue

The verification and counting of ballots could be held straight after the poll has closed or in the days immediately proceeding. An additional enhanced rate of pay will be paid for any evening/night work as some counts can take place overnight. We will let you know what days are available in advance. Please note, if you are working in a Polling Station you will be unable to attend the Verification/Count on the evening of the poll.

Verification and Count Supervisor

The Verification and Count Supervisor is responsible for leading a small team of Verification and Count Assistants. They will report to and receive a comprehensive brief from the Count Manager. The brief will instruct supervisors on how the verification and the subsequent count of the ballot is to be conducted. In turn, supervisors will brief the team that they are responsible. Ensuring work undertaken is accurate and in accordance with the brief they have received.

For this role, you must have worked a minimum of two occasions as a Verification and Count Assistant.

 Verification and Count Assistant

Verification and Count Assistants will receive a brief from the supervisor on how to accurately count and sort the ballot papers. You must be able to work and count accurately. No previous experience is required for this role. However, it will be considered an advantage if you have previous experience of verification and count work.

Last updated 14 September 2022