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Our flood management responsibilities

West Northamptonshire Council is the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) for West Northamptonshire. This means we are required to create a strategy to tackle local flood risks, involving flooding from surface water, ordinary watercourses and groundwater.

In carrying out our role we have a number of key responsibilities:

  • developing, maintaining and putting in place a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy for West Northamptonshire which will include risks from surface water run-off, groundwater and ordinary watercourses
  • establishing local management and governance arrangements with other key stakeholders to ensure delivery of effective joined up management of flood risk
  • being a statutory consultee on all major planning applications with surface water drainage implications
  • fulfilling the requirements of the Flood Risk Regulations 2009 by completing a Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment
  • preparingSurface Water Management Plans for areas of greatest risk
  • establishing and maintaining a register of flood risk management assets with a record of each structure, together with details of ownership and state of repair
    • where appropriate, the designation of such structures or features, which may affect a flood risk
  • investigating flooding incidents, to the extent we consider necessary, in order to understand their cause and ensure that appropriate agencies play their role in the effective management of flooding incidents and recovery - visit the Flood Investigation Reports already completed in West Northamptonshire
  • co-ordinating flood risk management across West Northamptonshire 

Last updated 08 March 2024