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Safer Streets funding

In partnership with the OPFCC, we have been successful in securing further funding across two bids through Safer Streets Round 4, to be delivered in West Northants over 2022/23. 

Town centre

The Police, Fire and Crime Commissioners office (OPFCC) has led on a bid for Northampton and Kettering town centres and are overseeing the £448k spend, with WNC taking a lead on exploring physical improvement opportunities in Northampton Town Centre such as, alleygating, lighting, and CCTV for example. These measures sit alongside work being undertaken by OPFCC including the launch of the Flare app, investment in ID scanning equipment in bars, and the roll out of training to tackle harassment. Find out more about the OPFCC led bids by visiting their website.

A second bid led by us seeks to make improvements to community safety in the Eastern district of Northampton, in the Bellinge and Blackthorn wards.

Bellinge and Blackthorn

£99,000 has been secured for environmental improvements and youth provision.

The work will include

  • Reinstate 3 CCTV cameras in Bellinge, Fieldmill Square area, and 3 in Blackthorn Bridge Court area
  • New CCTV camera in Spinneyside Walk, Blackthorn
  • Improvements to up to 7 underpasses in the Blackthorn area. This work will include improved lighting
  • Youth provision in Bellinge

Francis Jetty

A public spaces protection order is now in place.

Wellingborough Rd/Bouverie estate

Installation of new lighting to improve visibility and reduce dark spaces on the estate has now been completed and shrubbery between the entrance to the estate and the Wellingborough Road has now been removed.

In partnership with the Office of Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (OPFCC), we successfully applied to the Home Office for over £500,000 to reduce crime and make communities safer in parts of Northampton. The Safer Streets fund was used to improve safety in and around the Racecourse and Becket’s Park.

In addition, the OPFCC was successful in its complementary ‘Safer Women At Night’ Home Office bid bringing in £300,000 to reduce Violence Against Women and Girls in the town centre’s Night Time economy.


  • Installation of CCTV cameras on the Racecourse and ANPR in the car park
  • Fencing securing the Racecourse Pavilion to prevent anti-social behaviour
  • 3 year Park Mark award for Racecourse, Midsummer Meadows and University of Northampton car parks
  • Additional lighting on Becket’s Park near the play area
  • Landscaping to cut back bushes along the safer route through the park towards town centre and improvements to the perimeter fencing
  • Installation of new ‘Help Points’ on Racecourse and Becket’s Park
  • Improvements made to the Safer Route including; new way marker flags, floor stencils and additional lighting on Guildhall Road

Capable guardianship:

  • University safety schemes including; upgraded radio equipment and pastoral training for security and chaperones, expansion of the Safe Zone app providing wearable safety devices for vulnerable students, student led drama to promote safety schemes and key messages, free student security packs and survival guide
  • Two new Park Watch schemes set up in partnership with Northampton Neighbourhood Watch on the Racecourse and Becket’s Park

Education and awareness:

  • Personal safety sessions delivered by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust for students and local businesses, groups and residents
  • Community Safety and bike marking events delivered on both parks providing a range of free personal safety equipment to public

A help point on Northampton Racecourse

The new Wireless CCTV help points are located at several points on the Racecourse and are for use in case of emergency. 

Once activated the button alerts the control room and begins recording. An operator will speak to you to find out the emergency and if appropriate, send Police help to your location. 

Help points are for emergencies only and inappropriate use could lead to prosecution. 

In 2020 The OPFCC successfully bid for the new Home Office ‘Safer Streets funding’ to reduce crime in Northampton, Kettering and Wellingborough in partnership with the local authorities. 

In Northampton:

  • CCTV was extended by adding a further 16 cameras in the Wellingborough Road area
  • 30 secure cycle pods were installed
  • Target hardening and lighting improvements offered to 250 homes
  • 1800 standard home security/crime prevention packs, and 550 enhanced security packs delivered to residents
  • Gating of Dunster Street alleyway to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour

More information can be found on the Northants Fire website.

Last updated 02 January 2024