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Housing strategy

The West Northants Housing Strategy 2022-2025 was approved by Cabinet in September 2022. This strategy is built around four themes and their associated objectives:

  • Theme 1:  Deliver homes people need and can afford
  • Theme 2: Improve the quality, standard and safety of homes and housing services
  • Theme 3: Support residents to live healthy, safe, independent and active lives
  • Theme 4: Support thriving and sustainable communities

The housing strategy is a high-level document, which forms one of the cornerstones for delivering our Corporate Plan 2021-2025. It sets out the main housing related issues and how we plan to deliver our key themes and objectives. Underpinning the strategy is the importance of partnership working and without this we will not be able to tackle the big challenges that lie ahead. We will create the leadership and conditions needed for this to happen.

Last updated 06 November 2023