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Cracks Hill

Situated between the villages of Crick and Yelvertoft, near bridge 14 of the Leicester Line of the Grand Union Canal, Cracks Hill offers fantastic panoramic views of north Northamptonshire, Crick and the surrounding area.

Metal detecting is not permitted on Cracks Hill.




Cracks Hill


The hill was created during the last ice age, when melt water deposited material underneath the ice. Once the ice sheet retreated it left a pile of silt and rock behind, forming the hill. More properly it is a moraine formed from the debris left by the retreating glacier.

The Roman Watling Street runs close by and traces of a Roman building were found within the area of the present-day village of Crick. It is believed the Romans used the hill as a sentry point. Evidence of a large pre-Roman Iron Age settlement has also been found in the area.

The Council was given stewardship of Cracks Hill in 1999, and manages the site in partnership with the Friends of Cracks Hill. Crick Millennium Wood Pocket Park, the Jubilee Wood and the canal towpath are all nearby. A beacon sits atop the hill along with a plaque explaining the history of the hill and the directions of points of interest.

Last updated 06 July 2023