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Development and Implementation Principles Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

The SPD provides guidance on waste minimisation and the provision of waste management facilities in new development, as well as the design and restoration of minerals and waste facilities, preventing land use conflict and catchment areas for waste management facilities.

The SPD was originally adopted in March 2007. A revision of the SPD was adopted in September 2011. The SPD remains an adopted SPD across the planning authorities of both North Northamptonshire Council and West Northamptonshire Council.

The SPD identifies principles and provides guidance to support:

  • Minimisation of development related waste.
  • Incorporating waste design and neighbourhood facilities (with other development).
  • Prevention of land use conflict between minerals or waste and incompatible development.
  • Implementation of catchment areas for waste management facilities.
  • Sensitive design of minerals and waste development incorporating sustainable development practices.
  • Responsible stewardship which provides beneficial after-use of minerals and waste development.

It applies to all development in relation to the minimisation of development related waste, incorporating waste design and neighbourhood facilities with other development, and preventing land use conflict; minerals and waste development in relation to catchment areas for waste management facilities, design, and site restoration, after-care and after-use.

SPD toolkits: Reporting requirement checklists

All development:

Minerals and waste Development:

Additional Guidance

Last updated 23 May 2023